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Stock Upgrade Kit Bundle for Crosman 2240 2250 Rat Catcher 2400 1322 1377 362 & Drifter Stock

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This Crosman stock upgrade kit includes:
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser/Rest for Crosman Stock
  • CO2 Holder for Crosman Stock


Our stock upgrade kit attaches to your Crosman stock in seconds with our included instructions.

Both upgrades are made from a combination of laser-sintered nylon, PETG and carbon fibre composite.

Everything you need to mount this mod is included with your package.


Adjustable Cheek Riser/Rest

Provides an adjustable rest for your head while aiming, resulting in a more comfortable, consistent shooting experience. 


CO2 Holder

A convenient and accessible place to store up to 6 CO2 capsules.

Compatible with all Crosman stock models:

  • Crosman 2240
  • Crosman 2250b
  • Crosman 2250XL
  • Crosman 2260
  • Crosman 1322
  • Crosman 1377
  • Crosman 2289
  • Crosman 362
  • Crosman 2400
  • Crosman 2400KT
  • Crosman 2300
  • Crosman Drifter
  • Crosman Rat Catcher
  • Anything else that uses the Crosman shoulder stock

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